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Monday, April 14, 2008

EveryZing rolls out RAMP

 EveryZing, a leader in the new technology of indexing the spoken audio inside video clips,today announces RAMP (Reach, Access, Monetization and Protection) that gives media companies control over how their content is discovered, distributed, presented and consumed.

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 For those who don't know about EveryZing's technology:
  Via EzeryZing's website:

 "EveryZing’s patented speech-to-text technology wraps every piece of audio and video from your site in a rich layer of metadata, including a full text output of the spoken word track."


 "At the heart of EveryZing’s solutions is our core speech-to-text technology – the fruit of $100 million of government-funded research by BBN Technologies (inventor of the internet’s ubiquitous “@” symbol). EveryZing’s speech-to-text technology enables multimedia clips to be robustly indexed, increasing their “discoverability” by the web search engines and boosting online advertising opportunities. EveryZing uses its technology to ensure that every piece of audio and video from each client’s web site is wrapped in a rich layer of metadata, including a full text output of the spoken word track, so it can be searched and accessed easily and precisely by consumers, just like text… and, as a result, online advertisers can now place contextually relevant messages within and along side multimedia content, just like text."

 More on RAMP, via their website:

 "RAMP is EveryZing’s point-and-click web multimedia management console, giving you control over your content, context and brand. RAMP makes it easy for “infotainment” web site operators to control every aspect of the audio and video content on your site – from full-text indexing the clips, to publishing them in any format you choose, to monitoring visitor traffic. RAMP ensures reach, access, monetization and protection of your online audio and video.

 Based in Cambridge, Mass., EveryZing is a pioneer in next-generation universal search technology and video search engine optimization (video SEO). EveryZing was originally founded by BBN Technologies, creators of the email @ symbol. The company’s core intellectual property and capabilities include speech-to-text technology and natural language processing.

 EveryZing's automated speech recognition is impressive, to say the least; It even outputs line-by-line transcriptions. We've blogged about them before, and they continue to impress us as their technoloy evolves.


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