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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pioneer's LINC releases, with "intent" recognition

 Pioneer's Mobile Entertainment Division (Long Beach, Ca.) is releasing the promised AVIC-F500BT LINC (Lifestyle Innovation Network Console), a portable navigation and speech recognition unit.

 · Click to see CNet's article in the LINC at CES.. · 
The LINC's main function: An in-dash GPS device with 1.2 million points of interest, an SD slot and it uses MSN for traffic, weather and gas price updates.

What's cool is the device incorporates Pioneer's "VoiceBox Conversational Voice Search Platform," a nicely developed speech recognition system that enables iPod or other MP3 players and voice control for you Bluetooth-connected phone.

 VoiceBox's innovation is it's extraction algorihm that allow what Pioneer terms "conversational commands" and "intent recognition", and very advanced noise-canceling that deals quite well with ambient vehicle noise and the presence of extra voices.

The conversational element is its ability to deduce various forms of basic commands. "I want to hear the artist Herbie Hancock" or "Play Herbie Hancock" will produce the same result.
(** The LINC offers iPod-specific playback recognitions such as album name, playlist name or music genre.)

 Pioneer's "conversational recognition" spreads it's wings with the ability to extract a relevant phrase from a inside a long utterance, that contains irrelevant words: "Uhh, play, hmm, let's see, that album Abbey Road". The unit has the capacity to ignore extra words it decides are superflous.

 Pioneer's "Intent Recognition" is a artificial intelligence that reponds at a higher level to enhance the user's interactive abilities. With typical command & control, pre-defined, specific commands like "Call Phil Donnahue at home" or "Call Georg Bush on the mobile phone" are prerequisite. Pioneer's AI prompts for additional information, if it appears necessary for a positive recognition; E.G. "I have 2 numbers for James Caan - Home and Mobile. Which one would you like to call?"

 An excellenc cnet.com video from CES 2008, of the LINC can be seen here.


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