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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sony announces enhanced Handheld Recorders

 Sony-Europe’s IT Peripherals division has announced seven new handheld recorders that declare its desires to dominate the digital dictation marketplace.

 They each incorporate high audio fidelity, increased recording times, memory capacity and impressive playback features at nicely competitive price points to capture student, business and professional consumers.

 · Click to view Soy's press release · 
 The 'Professional' model numbers are the ICDSX68, ICDSX78 and ICDSX78DR9; the 'Business' model number is ICDUX60B and the 'Student' model numbers are ICDB600, ICDP620, ICDP630F.

 Via the Sony-Europe press release page:
"The market for digital dictation machines is still very important, particularly with voice recognition software making transcription easier”, said Mikuni Shikada, product manager, Sony Europe's IT Peripherals division.


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Blogger sfberglund said...

Your readers may also want to visit this blog on selecting a digital dictation solution.


Also, for the recording of meetings, you may want to consider the Acappella Conference Audio Recorder which records in CD quality sound and, during transcription, tells the typist who is speaking.


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