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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Satoru Iehira - A study of Vista's Speech recognition

 Satoru Iehira works at the Japan Center for Persons with Disabilities, and he doesn't use his keyboard. At age 15, Satoru Iehira received severe cervical spinal cord injuries.

 · Click here to view the original article at Microsoft.com! · 
 "The operating system is easier to use. Speech recognition makes it so much more efficient than just using the keyboard," says Satoru, in reference to the Windows Vista™ Speech Recognition system. Using his wireless headset, Satoru performs all his work tasks everyday in Vista absent any keyboarding at all.

 Via the Microsoft.com original article:
"Satoru especially likes the new mouse grid feature of Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista. With mouse grid, the computer screen is divided into a grid of nine, with each area numbered sequentially. The user selects an area by voicing the number, which then moves the cursor. The selected area is then further divided into a grid of nine, and the selection process is repeated in order to pinpoint the desired icon or button."

 The complete article at Microsoft.com can be read here.
  Its very cool to see real-world examples of Vista's speech recognition
  working so well for the disabled...


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