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Speech recognition is now primarily wireless; We've migrated fast, to universal wireless access-communcation devices.

Often, the speech recognition is remote based - And the better signal we send it, the better it performs.

Here, we hope you'll find ideas, technology or projects using hands free and/or mobile devices to make wireless speech recognition a rewarding and useful universal tool!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Remote speech recognition, with Instinct!

 Samsung's "Instinct" mobile device, scheduled to become available June 20th, now includes some rather advanced speech recognition coupled with nice artificial intelligence features. Slated to be a viable i-Phone competitor, this feature certainly helps that "battle", IOHO.

 · Click to read the Gizmodo (excellent) article · 
 Via Gizmodo's very nice article:
"Samsung's Instinct may be the best stab at the coveted title of iPhone killah this CTIA. The 3.1-inch touchscreen phone has localized haptic feedback, plus three hard navigation keys.

 Check out the well-done You Tube video:

 Let's hope the Instinct turns out to be all it's promised.. This advanced speech recognition should really begin to galvanize widespread recognition of true remote speech recognition, from newly arriving moble devices!


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