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Monday, May 05, 2008

Speech recognition grows by 100% in the military

 According to a Businesswire.com article today;
 Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Medical software has seen a one hundred percent growth over the last year.

 Via the businesswire.com article;
 "Dragon Medical has extended its value into the Federal government through its seamless integration with AHLTA, the military’s electronic health record, to enable clinical documentation through accurate voice-to-text speech recognition. According to a survey performed across 17 distinct Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps medical treatment facilities, 79.9 percent of those surveyed chose Dragon Medical as their preferred method for documenting care within AHLTA."

 · Click to view the AHLTA website · 
 Craig Rohan, Staff Pediatrician at the Peterson Air Force base in Colorado is quoted as saying:
Speech recognition technology allows for more thorough and expedited documentation of our patient encounters. Since using Dragon Medical I find that medical statements are more easily captured during routine clinic workflow. The comprehensive medical vocabulary Dragon Medical works off of ensures that the symptoms or diagnosis we say are correctly documented
More advanced users of Dragon Medical can take advantage of features such as 'macros', 'shortcuts' and other tools that further streamline documentation by producing a partially, or in some cases fully populated medical record when prompted by the command ‘normal study,’ for example. We’ve seen significant productivity improvements across those who have embraced speech recognition to document care.

 President Bush has set a goal for Americans to have an electronic health record by 2014. The DOD began AHLTA; an always available electronic health record for all active military, retirees and their families and expects to have it fully implemented by 2011.


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