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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The new Mobivox "Say it and Save it" Feature

 The calling service Mobivox that offers free international calling began offering a new feature title "Create a Contact" today.

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 This feature enables MOBIVOX users to add new contacts, This feature enables MOBIVOX users to add new contacts, by simply speaking a name to the service's recognition application, named "Voxgirl" !

Via the Mobivox website:
"Dial your local access number, and when VoxGirl answers, simply say 'Create a Contact', or press number 6 from a touchtone phone. You will then be asked to record the name of the contact you would like to add, and enter the telephone number using your telephone's keypad."


 Mobivox's Voxgirl incorporates advanced speech and noise profiling, trained noise model, "voice tag" and vocabulary size technology, and there is almost unlimited storage space for voice dial contacts.

 Nitzan Shaer, the company's COO comments:
 “This new feature will dramatically improve the speech recognition accuracy, and is especially useful for those with multi-cultural backgrounds and non-English contact names. These are precisely the people who use MOBIVOX the most to keep in touch with their home country and loved ones far away.”

 MOBIVOX also uses artificial intelligence to identify a frequently dialed number that doesn't appear in the user's the contact list, and accoordingly then prompt the user to create a contact for that number; A handy feature for users that don’t have their address books readily accessible.

 Also very cool.

 That's not all Mobivox does that's impressive.. The service will sync your Skype contacts and make them available to call using the remote voice access system. You can also query the service to see which of your Skype buddies are online.

 MOBIVOX also offers instant conferencing (allowing users to spontaneously add callers to an existing conversation), group calling, and the ability to transfer a call from one phone to another, as well.

 Mobivox's business model primarily hinges on revenue from international calling; Users purchase chunks of up to $100 international mobile-to-landline credits at a time; and Skype users can call their Skype contacts without having to buy credit from Skype, either!

 There aren't "extra" charges for Mobivox's service other than minutes you use up on your mobile (or domestic-calling) plan, and since Mobivox gives you a local number, you can avoid legacy long-distance per-call charges on landlines, where applicable.


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