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Speech recognition is now primarily wireless; We've migrated fast, to universal wireless access-communcation devices.

Often, the speech recognition is remote based - And the better signal we send it, the better it performs.

Here, we hope you'll find ideas, technology or projects using hands free and/or mobile devices to make wireless speech recognition a rewarding and useful universal tool!

Friday, January 12, 2007

We've been using the new Personal Audio Link (PAL) from Adondo Corporation for some time now - we've blogged about this product in the past.

As of a few days ago, Adondo added an extremely effective transcription tool to this cutting edge application that transcribes audio file recorded in .WAV, .MP3 and .WMA file formats. It's quick and really accurate. We've experimented most with the audio notes that PAL records, in .mp3 format sampled at 48kHz but this transcription tool works very, very well with .wav files sampled at 16khz, in fact the difference is pretty minimal.

The tool will transcribe both local sound files and remote sound files; we've experimented with audio files we've created by calling PAL from cell phones and this is truly a useful wireless speech recognition tool we envision becoming rather popular.

It's actually kind of refreshing to get back to our PC's, click in the file we need transcribed and get a typically 95% - 97% accurate transcription, insert links and be done. The tool automatically generates transcription into a Wordpad doc, which can be quickly copied into emails or Word doc's and it's transcription accuracy, partucularly from audio files created by calling our PC's from cell phones is phenomenal.

Once again, our techie hats are off to Adondo for making a truly useful tool for wireless speech recognition users who need speed and accuracy. Congrats, Adondo!

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