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Speech recognition is now primarily wireless; We've migrated fast, to universal wireless access-communcation devices.

Often, the speech recognition is remote based - And the better signal we send it, the better it performs.

Here, we hope you'll find ideas, technology or projects using hands free and/or mobile devices to make wireless speech recognition a rewarding and useful universal tool!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Your "Talking Character" says Happy Holidays!

Want to send a neat-o talking holidays card.. Truly a little different?

Check out PQ Computing's "Talking Photo" application - With a few clicks, here's what one can do, according to the Talking Character web page:

  •  Use one picture to make realistic 3D faces for animation
  •  Animate any human / animal photo, painting or drawing
  •  * Automatically match lip movement with voice
  •  Most major languages are supported!

'Ya gotta check this out..

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A nice cool way to spice up the holidays, eh?

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