Wireless Speech Recognition ..

Speech recognition is now primarily wireless; We've migrated fast, to universal wireless access-communcation devices.

Often, the speech recognition is remote based - And the better signal we send it, the better it performs.

Here, we hope you'll find ideas, technology or projects using hands free and/or mobile devices to make wireless speech recognition a rewarding and useful universal tool!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We ran across a post on Marshall Harrison's blog about a cool project he's starting - Speech Enabled Radio. What's really interesting about this is when it's finished, users will be able to control his radio application by phone, particularly cell phones.

This will make it, we believe, a true wireless speech recognition development as users will be able to tell their radio what to do via a wireless device and it's speech recognition is hosted elsewhere than the device handling the voice signal's transeiving!

Also in Marshall's post about his project to create a software speech enabled radio we found a really interesting excerpt: "Casey Chesnut has a post on using MSN Messenger Mobile to automate his Media Center PC so that he can instruct it to record things even when he is away from home."

Casey says in his brains-N-brawn website.. "it's like MSN Remote Record, but it's tailored for small screen devices when you can't get to a desktop PC. "

Inside Casey's page on his new mobileRecord, as he's titled it, he notes he's "also made a speech interface, so that you can schedule a TV recording using your voice from any phone .. " so another cool wireless speech recognition development enters the landscape!



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